This is a continuing series in exact 1/35 scale World War II vehicles and post war armor, plus figures in many poses from armies all over the world. Ideal for the contructing of diorama and shadow box art, all of these military miniature models are exact in detail, down to facial expressions on the soldiers themselves. Working from the full sized vehicles, the designers measured every facet of the vehicles for the most accurate model that can be produced. Thousands of photographs were utilized to verify the many variations of the different types. These models are truly museum replicas and are, in fact, used by many famous museums around the world to depict history to the viewing public.

Tamiya Armor Kits - 1/35 scale

25145 T-55A w/Aber PhotoEtch
Retail: $117.00 Our Price: $87.75
25146 JS-2 Model 1944 Chkz w/Aber PhotoEtch
Retail: $131.00 Our Price: $91.70
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25156 - JagdPanzer 38(t) Hetzer w/Aber Photo etch
Retail: $135.00 Our Price: $94.50
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35211 Russian JS3 Stalin
Retail: $54.00 Our Price: $40.50
35213 Kubelwagen Type 82
Retail: $20.50 Our Price: $15.38
35224 Schwimmwagen Type 166
Retail: $20.50 Our Price: $15.38
35227 Tiger I Initial
Retail: $57.00 Our Price: $42.75
35239 Sd.Kfz.9 Famo
Retail: $102.00 Our Price: $76.50
35281 Sturmgeschutz III Ausf. B
Retail: $57.00 Our Price: $42.75
35282 French Char B1 bis
Retail: $75.00 Our Price: $59.50
TA35325 JagdPanzer Elefant
Retail: $85.00 Our Price: $59.50
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35378 Panzer IV G Early
Retail: $61.00 Our Price: $44.99
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