Ground Power is a monthly Japanese magazine featuring AFV's. The text is 100% Japanese in a soft cover format. Photos are a combination of full color and black and white. Most issues contain line drawings and color markings for the featured vehicle. Covers AFV's from WWII to the present. Many of the photos you won't find anywhere else.

Ground Power Magazine

German PzKpfw. II
War & Peace Show 2005
Leclerc MBT Part 4 Romanian Tanks of WWII
Mid East Wars Part 8
Ground Power #138 $35.95
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Stug III Part 2
Israeli Sherman Part 2
SA-6 in Detail
Mid East Wars Part 11
Ground Power #141 $35.95
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Stug III Part 3
Mid East Wars Part 12
Ground Power #142 $35.95
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Panzerjager elefant
Leopard 2A5NL Manual
Romanian Tanks of WW II
Mid East Wars Part 15
Ground Power #145 $35.95
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Sd.Kfz. 265
Panzer I & Variants
Ground Power #309 $34.95
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US M10 Tank Destroyer
US M40 150mm SPG
Ground Power #311 $34.95

Panzer II D/E/F & other variants
A7V Part 4
Ground Power #315 $34.95