AFV Modeller is a high quality bi-monthly magazine featuring AFV's. Each issue is in A4, soft cover format. Full color except for the occasional black and white reference photo.

AFV Modeller Magazine

Red Death, White Fields - Mig Jiminez describes the building of his winter diorama.

Train Spotting - Antonio Martin Tello gives a step by step guide to his small scale diorama.

Panzer! - Russian armour breaking through German lines in Hyung Tae Kims late war diorama.

Scale Welding - Lee Lloyd shows how to produce accurate welding effects on armoured vehicles.

Xtreme Detail - The Swedish Strv 122. Keeping Track More new releases.

Euro Militaire 2003 - Inspiring entries from this years competition.

AFV Modeller #13 $14.95
69 Ton Signpost - The Dragon Porsche King Tiger modelled in a new postwar role by David Parker

Distant Target - Graeme Newman models the AFV Club 10.5cm Howitzer in an Eastern front diorama

Challenger II - Albert Tureczek improves the Trumpeter kit

Prairie Eagle 1999 - Same vehicle, different scale as David Bílek builds a small scale Challenger

Xtreme detail - The Israeli M51 Sherman

D-Lite - We take a look at the new Tristar Panzer IV D kit

Matilda II - The old Tamiya kit is brought up to date by Reider Morten Syversten

AFV Modeller #23 $14.95
Running up that Hill - Part one of a two-parter by Adam Wider who guides you through the techniques behind his latest project.

SWS - Chris Leeman show how to improve the Italeri kit of the big halftrack.

Sturer Emil - Rare archive material & details of the surviving vehicle.

Sahariana - Rhodes Williams gets dusty with his Italian armoured car.

Ontos - The history of this unusual vehicle.

Xtreme detail - Up close and personal with the Ontos.

Euro Militaire 2005 - Part I

AFV Modeller #25 $14.95
Running up that Hill Part 2 - The conclusion of Adam Wilders detailed account of his T34 diorama

Fall Tiger - Antonio Martin Tello describes the techniques behind his small scale Tiger II

Beast Hunter - Kazuya Yoshioka gives hints on successful figure compositions and describes his dramatic diorama

T55 - Kristof Pulinckx gives his take on the Tamiya kit

CV9040C - Swedens latest APC scratchbuilt by Ingvar Sylegard

Xtreme detail - The MG151 Drilling AA mount

Euro Militaire Part 2

AFV Modeller #26 $15.95